Why Rihanna is my Spirit Animal

After six weeks on the road, I am home. Traveling through New Zealand, Bali and Portugal was like cleaning out a closet filled with clutter: rewarding and through the process, I’ve made space.

In a word, I feel alive and this joy has started to bring wonderful things into my life. Several times while traveling, I asked for my dinner check only to find that someone nearby had paid for my meal. At hotels, I was almost always upgraded and at airports, new people frequently walked me to my gate or helped carry my bags. I’ve always believed the sentiment that what you put out will come back in unexpected ways, but I finally understand – the energy I created came back in spades!

I returned to LA feeling like the world was my oyster and good things have come my way since —like Rihanna tickets! She played the Forum on May 4th to a sold out crowd and I had a bird’s eye view as she took the stage in a shear body suit (um, where can I get one). Her voice was even stronger than I imagined and as I sang “Work” at the top of my lungs, collectively with 17,000 other fans, I thought to myself – Rihanna is my spirit animal.

Definition of Spirit Animal

: something or someone is your spirit animal is a statement that said person or thing is a representation of you or what you want to be.

So, if a spirit animal embodies the qualities you want to filter back out into the universe . . . why is Rihanna my spirit animal? First, she is unapologetically herself and I absolutely love that in people. Second, she has confidence and swagger. Third, she has a stronger exterior that seems wrapped around a warm soul, she is fearlessly vulnerable. If there was ever a time I needed an extra dose of these traits, it is now.

Starting my own business is a dream I have rationalized away for a very long time. The time was never right; there was always a comfortable salary or fear of taking the risk. I feel differently now.

Aha Moment: traveling pushed me into the present moment. The cost of avoiding this dream for one more minute is too high!

I am awake in my professional life and excited for the first time in a long time.

So since returning from Barcelona, I’ve been focused on launching my online business. I am working long days to build my website and learning by doing. Each time I complete one task, three more come to the surface; it is altogether maddening, frustrating and exhilarating. Most of all, starting a new business requires belief, confidence and a tough exterior. So like my spirit animal, I am going to walk on this particular stage and own it (shear body suit and all). My boutique is an articulation of my unique style and I can’t wait to share it! Details coming soon…

While we are on the topic, I’d love to know, what is your spirit animal and why?

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